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Jerusalem-Yerushalayim (1EMJOY)


new double album

An oratorio for our times by Antony Pitts remixed with Biblical narration by David Suchet, Jerusalem-Yerushalayim is an extraordinary musical cross between Handel’s Messiah, Bernstein’s Chichester Psalms, and classic rock anthems, and tells simply but powerfully the Old Testament story of Jerusalem – in modern English but with ancient Hebrew names for familiar Biblical characters and places. Performed by TONUS PEREGRINUS and friends with a cast of outstanding singers and players.

"Antony Pitts is something of a musical polymath: composer, choir director, conductor, teacher and radio producer are some of the strings to his musical bow. He may be best known to Australian audiences as Artistic Director of The Song Company... The challenging but rewarding score could provide a unifying focus for performers of different origins in the midst of very real conflict in the Middle East."
Limelight June 2018

Missa Unitatis (CC72711)


new album

Recorded here for the first time with two choirs simultaneously – Nederlands Kamerkoor and Cappella Pratensis – the Missa Unitatis is interleaved with the diverse separate contributions of each ensemble, as well as the Nationaal Vrouwen Jeugdkoor. This ‘Mass of Unity’ is the first new mass setting to have been commissioned by the Illustre Lieve Vrouwe Broederschap (founded in ’s-Hertogenbosch in 1318) in almost 500 years, and is designed to be performed by two choirs separately and/or together: in this case led by the conductor Stephen Layton.

"As director of TONUS PEREGRINUS, Antony Pitts’s spiritually-imbued sacred settings have evolved hand in hand with his vocal ensemble over the years... The result is a fascinating, multi-layered work that blends chant, polychoral elements and medieval and Renaissance polyphony with techniques drawn from more recent neo-tonal and minimalist styles."
Gramophone April 2018

“Pitts's music expanded classic polyphonic vocal textures to incorporate modern harmonies within a broadly consonant framework and an original and sensitive understanding of the voice... a concert of rare and transcendent beauty.” Sydney Morning Herald

“A composer on a spiritual quest who’s found the near-perfect singers for it...” Gramophone

“TONUS PEREGRINUS, a vocal ensemble made up of first-rank singers led by Pitts...” All Music Guide

“...combined talent for divinely pure sound...” Choir & Organ

“...My first impulse on hearing this disc was to commend it unreservedly to each and every man, woman, and child on the planet...” Fanfare

“....Daunted by contemporary music? Look no further.” Gramophone Top 10 Modern Classics

“...Pitts has shown a sensitivity to the range of early music that places him among the leading interpreters...” Fanfare

“...perhaps one of the most sought-after British composers of contemporary choral works...”

“...There is a green hill far away should be in every high school choral library...” ChoralNet Composition Spotlight

“...His is a compositional voice of real personality and imagination...” Gramophone Editor’s Choice

“...a unique, strong, and, above all, spiritual voice seems to speak through.” Church Times

“In terms of sheer beauty of performance and recording, this disc takes some beating...” Fanfare

“ of the most rewarding I’ve heard for years...” On an Overgrown Path

“’s pretty much impossible not to reach a state of bliss after listening to a new album featuring seven pieces chosen by English a capella choir TONUS PEREGRINUS…” Musical Toronto

“Kick yourself if you missed: Antony Pitts’ extraordinary sound collage, A Parisian in Paradise, on Radio 3... Mind-blowing.” The Independent on Sunday Review of the Year

“For bare-faced cheek no one can touch him and if now he says he’ll give us Roget’s Thesaurus on a bus ticket I’ll believe him...” The Observer

“Gratitude was my overwhelming emotion, too, on hearing Radio 3’s Sunday Feature: Bach and the Art of Bee-keeping...” Church Times

“A Wireless Revelation was an excellent case in point: I can't think of anywhere else that this project would happen...” The Guardian

“ wasn’t so much interesting, it was transfixing....treating us as people who don’t actually think their brains are full yet.” The Independent on Sunday

“...Radio 3 music documentaries seem to fall into three categories; programmes about music, programmes around music, and programmes produced by Antony Pitts...” The Independent

“Tonight’s Between the Ears is Radio 3 at its best, by turns freewheeling, precious, touching, aggravating and riveting... Frequently beautiful, cumulatively moving – and fascinating radio...” Financial Times

“I sat either slack-jawed in astonishment or emotion... ‘it was brilliant’...” The Independent

“ turned out it was by Antony Pitts of TONUS PEREGRINUS, who has remarkable ways with music...” The Independent on Sunday

“...Pitts is a composer to watch out for...” Allmusic


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